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The National Black United Front Community Action Plan

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

In an attempt to bring about more constructive and substantive change around issues in the Black community in America, the National Black United Front has instituted the following organizing strategies. These points will help to provide more guidance and direction as we attempt to improve the conditions of Black people in America. 

Join an organization. Become actively engaged in an organization, or financially support one that is working toward the self-determination, self-respect and self-defense of Black people. Examples include:

  1. National Black United Front

  2. National Society of Black Engineers DC Professionals Chapter

  3. Greater Washington Urban League Thursday Network

  4. United Black Community

  5. Metropolitan Association of Black Social Workers

Hold voter education & registration forums on how to nominate, finance, elect and support progressive politicians in support of radical police reform. Educate on how to recognize the voting trends of candidates, including how to identify key issues.  For example: which candidates have a history of supporting aggressive policing tactics. 

Submit testimony at the Committee on the Judiciary & Public Safety Budget Oversight Hearing (hearing record closes June 16, 2020), related to police brutality, training, and efforts where officers engage the community, outside of traditional policing.  All testimony received will be made part of the official record, uploaded on the Council’s and Council Budget Office’s website, posted at the following link: Testimony can be submitted using the following formats:​ 1. Written testimony can be submitted by email to the following address:

2. Voicemail testimony can be submitted by calling (202) 350-1362 then following the

instructions on the recording​ 3. Video Testimony can be submitted by uploading a 3-minute video to the Committee's

Dropbox folder using a mobile or desktop device. Click the following link for instructions:

Filing Police Complaints - The Office of Police Complaints (OPC); OPC’s mission is to increase community trust in the District of Columbia police forces by providing a fair, thorough, and independent system of civilian oversight of law enforcement (Click here for more information).  Once complaints are filed, provide information on how to hold accountable/gain feedback from local, state and federal legislators.  Including how to secure evidence and create more solid cases related to instances of police brutality, using Freedom of Information Act procedures, including requesting: 1. E-Discovery, emails and written conversations  2. Police reports and other documents that pertain to arrests  3. Requesting written information on the positions for hot button issues 

Become part of the Citizen Advisory Council.  The Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) is an advisory panel in each police district that provides the district commander with information and recommendations from the community on the public's safety problems and police service needs. Click here for more information.

Adopt-A-Block. Residents, businesses, and the government all play a role in keeping DC clean, safe, and healthy. By involving all residents, each community can we create a District as beautiful as we know it can be. Success begins with one neighbor and one community deciding to make a difference.

Know Your Rights Workshops. Gain legal education through Know Your Rights outreach, connecting with your local bar association and being up to date on your state and federal laws. For those who are engaging in civil disobedience click here.  If you are approached by a police officer click here

Political Education. Study the work of African scholars and Black liberation history. Study the blueprint, and spread the information to the community. Suggested reading list: click here. You can also follow the Liberating Library account on Instagram. Join a study group or create your own with like-minded people. Execute what you learn in your community.

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