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The National Black United Front District of Columbia Chapter is committed to continuing its legacy of electing effective leaders to build upon the solid foundation of the organization. The quality and character of strong leaders have built the foundation of NBUF, and now is the time for us to focus on the future and determine who will build upon this foundation of success.


Active members of this organization have an opportunity to participate in the nominating process by identifying and recommending qualified candidates. NBUF Elections are held during the month of July in odd number years.

Available Positions:

  1. Chairperson

  2. Secretary

  3. Treasurer

  4. Vice Chairperson of Economic Development

  5. Vice Chairperson of International Affairs

  6. Vice Chairperson of Organizing and Training

  7. Vice Chairperson of Women's Affairs


A candidate shall seek election to an office by being nominated by filling out a candidate application ( a “personal nomination”) or be nominated by another member (a “third party nomination”).


Election Timeline

  1. The Central Committee establishes an election committee during the April meeting of odd number years (i.e. 2019, 2021, 2023).  

  2. May 1st members are informed: 
    a. That election is taking place.
    b. The necessary criteria for being an eligible voter.
    c. The necessary criteria for being an eligible candidate.
    d. Officer Responsibilities
    e. The election timeline.


  3. June 1st nominations are opened. Members may either be nominated by another member in good standing or self-nominated.  Candidates must submit her or his candidate application during this time. The Election committee will vet all nominations and inform members of their nominations during this time as well.

  4. June 30th nominations are closed.

  5. July 1st eligible candidates are announced to the entire organization and may begin to campaign. 

  6. July 1st members in good standing are informed of their voting eligibility. 

  7. During the July General Body meeting of odd numbered years, elections will be held. Online (absentee voting) is permitted 24 hours prior to election day. Online voting will be closed at 12pm (noon) on election day.

  8. August 1st  – September 30 the officer transition process begins.

  9. Second Weekend in August Central Committee Leadership Retreat

  10. October 1st the new term begins.

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